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My mission

As a speaker, I help people understand why Bitcoin & Blockchain exist, how they work and what we can do with them. I want to share my knowledge to help others understand these complex topics in simple terms.

I have been reading and learning about Bitcoin & Blockchain every single day since I first discovered them many years ago. I never settled until I found something that would have a major global impact where I could and would want to add value. This is it, without a doubt.

The journey to get here

To find my passion, I changed course a lot throughout my studies, personal projects and work. As a result, I now have a background spanning Latin/Greek, Science, Electromechanics, IT, Architecture, Community Management, Video production, Webdesign, Writing, Market Research, Digital Transformation, Growth Hacking and more.

I graduated in Cross Media Management (social, community & content focused studies) and helped write the Digital Transformation book during my internship at Duval Union Consulting a few years ago. An international consulting firm that helps clients become ‘Future-proof’. I was the winner of the Young Potential Award 2014, thanks to several projects during and after my studies.

Today I work as Lead Blockchain Trainer at Growth Tribe Academy in Amsterdam, where I’m building out a non-technical and interactive course on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

My personality type is INFJ – The Advocate.

I will frequently tweet about Bitcoin & Blockchain!