My 2017 Bitcoin & Blockchain prediction

2017 is almost here, and with it a horde of predictions and promises about what will happen to Bitcoin & Blockchain next year. Speculation about the bitcoin price, on whether we will see private ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin & Blockchain for Friends

Bitcoin & Blockchain for Friends
On the 15th of November I gave a Bitcoin & Blockchain presentation for my favourite audience in the world: friends and family! Ever since I became a speaker on Bitcoin and the Blockchain, some of ... Continue Reading

Open & Private Blockchains at CSCMP Benelux Supply Chain Event

Open & Private Blockchains CSCMP
On the 4th of November I gave the introduction presentation on Open & Private Blockchains at CSCMP Benelux Supply Chain Event. As usual, I expected people to be very much in favour of private ... Continue Reading

The future of Bitcoin and 9 ways to improve it

The Future of Bitcoin
Over the past 7 years there have been many people and businesses that said Bitcoin would die soon. And yet, years later it is still here. While it has its fair share of challenges, there's no denying ... Continue Reading

Introduction to Bitcoin & Blockchain @ darefest16

Darefest16 Introduction Bitcoin & Blockchain
On the 22nd of June I gave a presentation at Darefest16. I talked about why Bitcoin and the Blockchain exist, how they work and what we can do with them. Thanks everyone for showing up despite the ... Continue Reading

7 Things Banks should do with Blockchain

7 Things banks should do with a blockchain
Most banks are currently investigating or “leveraging blockchain”. Some of them are even testing “use cases” to go beyond the talk and hype. “We have 13 use cases!” “We have 25 use ... Continue Reading

Why How What – The Blockchain @ Blockchain Vlaanderen

The Blockchain
On the 22nd of June I gave a presentation at Blockchain Vlaanderen. I talked about why the Blockchain exists, how it works and briefly touched on what we can do with it. I rounded up the talk ... Continue Reading

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin
You may know Bitcoin as digital money that you can send around the world for a tiny fee in minutes. If you’ve heard of it before, you may also be wondering why it still exists when the media, ... Continue Reading

What is the Blockchain?

The Blockchain
As a global "bookkeeping" system, the blockchain is widely praised as one of the most promising technologies of our time. It was invented in 2008 as the underlying technology of the Bitcoin network ... Continue Reading

Introduction to Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain
Why should you care? If Bitcoin and the Blockchain succeed, they will save us all a lot of money (except the existing financial companies) and help us solve many problems the current financial ... Continue Reading