On the 4th of November I gave the introduction presentation on Open & Private Blockchains at CSCMP Benelux Supply Chain Event.

As usual, I expected people to be very much in favour of private blockchains. My goal was to give people an open mind about the open blockchain and not immediately write it off. To do so, my presentation was a comparison between open and private blockchains, using Bitcoin for the open side.

My (obvious) conclusion was that once an open blockchain overcomes its privacy and scalability challenges, a lot more businesses may start building applications and services on them, instead of using their own private versions. I got overwhelmingly positive feedback from people saying they agreed with my vision and many of them actually hope they will be able to use open blockchains once those have the required privacy and scalability. This was a great insight for me.

If you’re interested, check out my slides below:

Link to SlideShare

I was blown away by the ~30 people that complimented me on my presentation throughout the rest of the day. Thank you all for the kind words! 👊