The future of Bitcoin and 9 ways to improve it

Over the past 7 years there have been many people and businesses that said Bitcoin would die soon. And yet, years later it is still here. While it has its fair share of challenges, there’s no denying Bitcoin has grown into far more than just an experiment. Last I checked, experiments don’t get $105B in value transferred over them.

The most discussed challenge up ahead is to make Bitcoin scale to a state and size where every human being and program can use it. From millions to billions of users. To solve this technical challenge among others, developers from all over the world come together to discuss improvement proposals.

Scaling Bitcoin #3 – Milan

Last weekend (8-9 October) they came together in Milan, at Scaling Bitcoin #3. I was not present, but I still wanted to add value as I fundamentally believe an open blockchain can make the world a better place. So I went through all the transcripts on to create a (hopefully) clear overview of the future of Bitcoin for (potential) users that may not have the technological knowhow.

I put the insights together in the slidedeck below. It’s possible that I’m missing things or that I misunderstood something. Feel free to let me know if I did!

Credit goes to the great people that wrote the transcripts on and all the developers that put in the countless hours over the past years.

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Sam is a Bitcoin & Blockchain consultant, educator and speaker. He helps people understand their impact on business and society and translates the technical to accessible explanations.
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